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Years of Experience

At 2Good2Scrap.Com we believe that almost all cars and vans from 2001 onwards have a higher value than their scrap weight.

Through our many years in the vehicle salvage and scrap metal industry we have seen many vehicles scrapped which could have been saved, including failed MOT’s, minor or major mechanical problems, accident damaged or the owner just needing a quick sale.


If you are thinking of scrapping your car or want to sell your car for cash, call a member of our team now on 01252 266250 for a no obligation quote or simply click the quick quote button and enter your details.


We will then make an offer to buy your car or van, the cash price quoted will be the price we pay you the customer, there are no admin fees and collection is included.

Please be as accurate as possible with the information provided as your quote will be based on this.We recommend you take a few minutes to check your car or van for any damage to the exterior such as scratches, dents, missing trim etc and also the interior for rips, burns , stains etc.


Upon acceptance of our offer we will arrange a time that is convenient to you for collection of your vehicle. At point of collection the vehicle will be checked against the information provided, we will then complete your V5 registration document and pay you the agreed price in cash.

A better deal for you

We believe that 2good2scrap.com offers a real alternative to scrapping your car or van and a better deal for you the customer.

So if you are thinking of scrapping your car or van or want to sell your vehicle for cash, give us a call first?

We cover the South East of England, including Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Kent.


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Buying any faulty, spares or repair!

We pay cash for cars and vans throughout south east England.


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