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We believe that offers a real alternative to scrapping your car or van and a better deal for you the customer. Here are some frequently asked questions we often receive.


How do you price the used cars that you buy?

We use many sources when we prepare a quote for your car. These car buying references include used vehicle car guides and car auction prices. Most importantly, we use our extensive used car buying experience. You may be surprised at how much used car valuations can vary from dealer to dealer. We will always do our best to give you a fair cash price for your car.

I need to sell my car but the MOT has run out?

We specialise in buying cars for cash where the MOT is short or has run out, even if they require work doing to them.

I want to sell my car for cash but have been advised by my garage / recovery agent that it requires major mechanical repairs.

We are specialists at buying cars and vans for cash with major or minor mechanical problems

Do you buy Left Hand Drive or foreign registered cars?

We are always interested in buying left hand drive cars.

I have outstanding finance on my vehicle. Will you still be interested in buying it?

There are two options available to you in this case. Firstly, you can settle your finance directly with your finance company (we’ll require written confirmation from your finance company that they have received full cleared payment when we collect your car).The second option is that we can settle it for you (in this case, you will need to contact your finance company to obtain a settlement figure which we will simply deduct from the valuation of your car and pay on your behalf). Data protection laws require that you obtain the settlement figure so we would require this in writing from the finance company.Please note: If you owe more than the sale price of your car to the finance company, you will need to pay the balance prior to us collecting the car (again, we will require written confirmation of this from your finance company when we collect your car).

I’ve lost my V5 registration document. Can I still sell my car?

You must have this document to be able to sell your car to us. Apply for a new V5 by completing a V62; or pick up one at the post office. If you require a duplicate, call the DVLA on 0870 240 0010. The DVLA charges £25 for the duplicate service. Remember the car must be registered in your name and at your address

I’ve been offered more money by a car dealer to part exchange and sell my car. Can you offer the same?

There is normally a large profit margin in the car they are selling you. While offsetting some of this against the car valuation of your part exchange may make you feel like you are getting a good deal, it’s a false economy as its much better to have the cash for the car, and make a deal yourself.

Will I get my money straight away?
We will pay you in cash at time of collection.


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